A detail in Dispatch’s article backfired and caused Kim Seon Ho to face more criticism, even from an industry insider

Did Dispatch make a wrong move by including this detail in an attempt to clear up Kim Seon Ho’s scandal?

Earlier today, after Dispatch published an exclusive article about Kim Seon Ho‘s scandal, the actor’s fans hope that this will help him receive support from the public and save his career that was on the verge of ruin. However, based on the negative reactions of many Koreans on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram as well as on online communities, Dispatch’s article seems to not only fail to make the public sympathize with Kim Seon Ho like the similar situation of AOA not long ago, but on the contrary, it even cause the actor to get criticized even more.

Besides Kim Seon Ho, the topic that is currently being talked about the most by Koreans today is “seaweed soup”. The reason is that in Dispatch’s article, Kim Seon Ho reportedly went to buy ingredients to cook seaweed soup for his girlfriend after she had an abortion with B (a theater actor and Kim Seon Ho’s closest junior).  Dispatch also added that Kim Seon Ho had cooked seaweed soup for 2 weeks, and attached a screenshot of the actor himself in an episode of the show “2 Days & 1 Night” when he confirmed that he knew how to cook this traditional Korean soup because he cooked it not long ago.

Many netizens have expressed their confusion over Dispatch’s purpose when including this detail about seaweed soup in the article, but according to many people’s speculations, perhaps this is a way to salvage Kim Seon Ho’s positive image as a kind and warm man. However, if Dispatch wanted to use the seaweed soup story to make Kim Seon Ho look good, unfortunately, it has backfired, as evidenced by numerous comments left by Koreans, expressing their anger and criticizing Kim Seon Ho even more heavily than before.

The video where Kim Seon Ho said on “2 Days & 1 Night” that he knew how to cook seaweed soup

Based on the episode of “2 Days & 1 Night” where Kim Seon Ho mentioned seaweed soup, some Korean netizens pointed out the reason why this story only makes them feel grossed out: “Haizzz celebrities are really the peak of disgust. He cooked seaweed soup for his girlfriend after getting rid of the child the two of them created together, and yet he could still go on TV bragging about how he could cook seaweed soup and saying it wasn’t too long ago… Honestly, this just makes me feel sick.” Another netizen quoted the tweet and said, “IKR ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Dispatch put out an article siding with him and even included a screenshot from ‘2 Days & 1 Night’, but the more I read it, it just makes me wonder if he’s still a human?”


Another netizen retweeted Dispatch’s article with the sarcastic caption, “If he had bought a condom earlier with the sincerity of searching for ingredients for seaweed soup, this wouldn’t have happened.”

Many netizens also pointed out that in their article, Dispatch intentionally cut off the next part of the seaweed soup story that happened on “2 Days & 1 Night”. When Kim Seon Ho claimed he knew how to cook seaweed soup, Din Din asked who he cooked for and Kim Seon Ho replied, “Mom’s birthday…“. At that moment, Kim Jong Min said, “Please call (to confirm) and try“. Kim Seon Ho confirmed once again that what he said was true and asked the other members to believe him.

When comparing these words with the content of Dispatch’s article, Korean netizens believe that whether Kim Seon Ho tells the truth or lies, it will cause serious trouble. If he lied, it means that Kim Seon Ho used his mother to cover up the story of making soup for his girlfriend (after the abortion), while if he was telling the truth, it would mean that Dispatch gave produce false evidence to “whitewash” Kim Seon Ho.

Most importantly, not only netizens but even industry insiders openly criticized Dispatch and Kim Seon Ho. Wi Geun Woo – a Korean journalist and critic, recently posted on her personal Instagram a screenshot of Dispatch’s article with the caption, “I’ve heard of washing away sins with blood, but this is the first time I’ve heard of washing with seaweed soup. When I was in the military, there was a guy in the same team asked for days off to accompany his girlfriend to get an abortion. He even asked for an extension of his days off to take his girlfriend on a trip to comfort her. He must have been a warm boyfriend towards that girl.”

Neither Kim Seon Ho nor his ex-girlfriend has yet commented on Dispatch’s article!

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