Despite YG’s denial, these hints clearly suggest that BLACKPINK’s comeback is approaching

On April 27th, YG refuted all reports of BLACKPINK’s upcoming return, but the members have been dropping hints that suggest the opposite.  

To fans, YG Entertainment is undoubtedly the most frustrating Kpop agency, with their artists being absent for so long it feels like they have enlisted. And those that suffer the most from this tendency is none other than BLINKs – the fandom of BLACKPINK


Predicting YG’s next moves and estimating BLACKPINK’s few comebacks is no easy job, but BLINK remains patient for the day they can see their favorite group as a full team. Fortunately, their prayers seem to have been answered, as BLACKPINK may be dropping hints of a possible comeback. 

These are some signals that fans have noticed: 

Jennie’s orange hair

April may be the happiest month to be a BLACKPINK fan, seeing that BLINKs get to rejoice over myriads of hints. First, there’s Jennie who drastically changed her dark hair color to bright orange – something that usually happens ahead of a comeback. This fiery hair has given hope to desperate BLACKPINK fans who have been deprived of new group activities for almost 2 years. 

Jennie’s orange was a hot topic in April. 

However, this rekindled hope soon dwindled, as Jennie flew to Los Angeles to attend an event of the glasses brand Gentle Monster. Turns out, orange is the new store’s concept, and this may be the actual reason for Jennie’s new hair color. 

Jennie Blackpink

Jisoo went to The Black Label’s recording room

While Jennie was all the way across the world in the US, Jisoo stayed in Korea, or specifically, the recording room at The Black Label. To fans, this is a glaring evidence, since everytime BLACKPINK visited the place, they were there in preparation of a new track. In addition, Jisoo has never disappointed fans with her hints, and everything she dropped so far becomes reality. 

Jisoo published a photo of her in the recording room of The Black Label. 

Rosé’s Instagram story 

Like Jisoo, Rosé also gave fans hope via an Instagram story. The female idol recently published a short video of her unboxing a participation trophy from MSCHF x Tiffany Co., and her reflection appeared on the cup. From here, BLINKs noticed that Rosé might have dyed her hair a new color, suggesting an upcoming comeback. 


YG’s annual report 

Another obvious proof of BLACKPINK’s comeback is YG’s annual report, which mentioned that the girl group will drop a new album after iKON and WINNER finished promoting. There was also information regarding possible concert tours, as well as Jennie being the last to have activities overseas. According to BLINK, this means that the comeback is as clear as day. 

Summary of YG’s new annual report. 

BLACKPINK’s resident choreographer and dancer duo checked in at YG practice room

The famous YGX dancer Lee Jung just updated an Insta story with choreographer Kiel Tutin. This duo are familiar to BLACKPINK fans, and have participated in many projects with the girl group. It’s likely that BLACKPINK will soon return to the scene, now that this duo have met at YG. 

The famous choreographer and dancer duo. 

While YG has refuted reports of a June comeback for BLACKPINK, fans still hold out hope that it will eventually happen in the near future. 

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