Despite the fandom battle: TWICE – EXO standing side by side is still a masterpiece

Fans claimed that while TWICE and EXO were standing side by side, they did not find any visual hole, on the contrary, the two groups look even more prominent.

It can be said that TWICE and EXO are two groups that fans thought to have the best visuals in Kpop. While TWICE consists of the representative beauties of the new girl group, EXO members have always been the top visuals in the male idol section. Especially recently at Music Bank, when these two groups stood together on stage, the fans couldn’t help but shocked at their beauty. Even though the fandom of the two groups is in the competition for achievement, it must also be said: “TWICE and EXO stand together is a masterpiece.”

Shining when standing together, EXO and TWICE made the fans think of SNSD and 2PM in the collaboration of “Cabi Song” which was once famous. What if TWICE and EXO teamed up together in a music production like their seniors?

EXO and TWICE at Music Bank.
What if EXO and TWICE collaborated together in a music production?
Tzuyu and Chanyeol are TWICE and EXO’s prominent visual duo.
MV Tempo – EXO.
MV Yes or Yes – TWICE.

Some comments from Korean netizens:

“The truth is that these two groups consist of the most prominent visuals.”

“God, two groups are so beautiful when standing together, this is a masterpiece.”

“I did not find the “visual hole”, the vocals of the two groups only are enough to be outstanding.”

“I was surprised to see Tzuyu and Chanyeol in the waiting room. I was shocked when I saw them.”

“Instead of looking for each other’s faults, we should admit that they are handsome and pretty. It’s hard to find such groups with unique visuals like these.”

“I ship TWICEXO.”

“I was shocked to see their image, that’s the power of TWICEXO.”

Source: Sao Star

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