Despite not declaring disbandment, when will these groups have a reunion stage with all the members?

The following groups didn’t announce disbandment even though the members were not in the same company, but the reunion is not likely to happen anytime soon.

Many Kpop groups have members who choose to leave the management company after their contract expires, but the group did not disband. The members who left all affirmed that they are still in the group and will reunite with the members as soon as they have a chance, giving their fans the faith to wait patiently.

But this may not seem easy, because once they belong to different companies, the members will be busy with their own schedules so the reunion is extremely difficult. The following groups all announced that they would reunite as soon as they have a chance but their fans still don’t know when the day will come and they will be standing on the same stage again.


In 2017, the public was surprised when Tiffany, Sooyoung and Seohyun left SM Entertainment after their contracts ended. Despite the worries about the future of SNSD when they lost some members and face the risk of disbandment, their fans were relieved when Tiffany, Sooyoung and Seohyun reassured them that they were leaving SM, not SNSD and that the group would reunite as soon as possible.

Girls’ Generation (SM Entertainment)

But 2 years have passed and SNSD still hasn’t had any reunion. Currently, Tiffany is still working hard to conquer the “American dream” by releasing music products in the United States, and Sooyoung and Seohyun are trying with their acting career. The members who choose to stay in the company, apart from their solo activities, made a comeback exactly once under the name of the sub-unit SNSD-Oh! GG.

The 8 girls are all busy with their own schedules, although they insist they will reunite in the future but it seems to be far away. In return, SNSD members are always showing their sincere friendship when often supporting each other’s individual activities.

SNSD is at the bottom of the table because there are not many activities in 2018


T-ARA has been working with 4 members since May 2017 after Boram and Soyeon ended their contracts and left MBK Entertainment. However, by the end of the year, the other four members all left the company and since then they have focused on developing their personal careers. However, T-ARA confirmed that the group did not disband, and the member will be reuniting after doing their solo activities.

Boram and Soyeon are the first two members to leave the company …
…The other 4 members left shortly afterwards, T-ARA temporarily stopped working despite affirming that they did not disband

But like the case of SNSD, T-ARA hasn’t shown any sign of reuniting yet. Soyeon and Boram are “nowhere to be found”, QRi has almost no entertainment activities and the 3 members Eunjung, Jiyeon and Hyomin are either filming or going solo. Although the group still look very happy every time they meet and express the love for T-ARA, the day they have a reunion seems to be too far away.

Girl’s Day

They used to be APink’s rival but now the members are separated when no one intended to re-sign their contract with Dream T Entertainment and left the company one after another. However, Dream T denies that Girl’s Day will disband, confirming that the group is looking for ways to work together in the future.

girls day
The company claims Girl’s Day didn’t disband even though its members are no longer “under the same roof”.

Sojin currently has a contract with Noon Company, while Yura and Hyeri signed with Awesome ENT and Creative Group ING to pursue their acting career. As the members turn to different companies, Girl’s Day’s promise to reunite is hard to be fulfilled.


EXID is the latest name joining the list of music groups whose members left the company. On the morning of May 3, Banana Culture confirmed that only LE, Solji and Hyerin were renewing the contract while Hani and Junghwa said goodbye to the agency. However, they insisted that although the two members left the company, EXID did not disband but still had activities for 5 people in the future.


Junghwa and Hani ended their contract with Banana Culture

For now, EXID will release the last album when the 5 members are in the same company on the upcoming 15th and then they will temporarily stop the group’s activities so that each member can focus on their personal career. Although they announced not to disband, but looking at the case of other girl groups like SNSD, T-ARA, … many people predict that EXID will follow the same path, and for a long time, their fans won’t be able to see the stage with 5 members.

Sources: k14

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