Despite looking as if she was born into wealth, Lee Sung Kyung revealed her difficult childhood

Few people know that Lee Sung Kyung used to go through a tough childhood.

Recently, actress Lee Sung Kyung appeared on JTBC’s “Celebrity Club” as a guest to share many interesting life stories. Kim Jong Kuk looked at Lee Sung Kyung and said, “When we look at Sung Kyung, we all feel that she comes from an upper-class family, like she was born with a ‘golden spoon’. But when I got to know her, only then did I know that Sung Kyung had a very difficult childhood.”

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Then, Sung Kyung honestly shared, “When I was 4 years old, my father had a factory, but soon after it burned down and went bankrupt. So my family had to move to a small town. When I was 7, we lived in a rental apartment that was only about 7~8 pyeong (~23m2) until I went to high school. When my friend came to our place to pick up an umbrella, she said, “How can you live in this house?”

​​However, after growing up, she no longer wished she was born into a rich family. The actress explained, “Usually, if a family lives in poor condition, the atmosphere in the house will not be pleasant. However, our family always kept a positive attitude and had a goal.”

“Would it be better if I grew up in a rich family? I don’t think so. I feel very grateful for the memories I had”, the actress affirmed.

Regardless of the difficult family background, Lee Sung Kyung still pursued her passion and achieved great success. The actress recounted, “At that time, I was preparing to take the entrance exam to music school when my parents saw the notice of a model audition and told me to try it. I passed the application round immediately.”

After achieving many successes in her career, Lee Sung Kyung helped her parents pay off all the debt. “My father cried,” she shared. The actress feels grateful when she can help her parents deal with the burden in life.

Moreover, because her parents had never traveled abroad, Sung Kyung took them both on a trip with her. She recalled, “When I was young, because we didn’t have enough money, my family couldn’t put up family photos. There is a quick photo service that costs about 100,000 won (about 85 USD), but my sister is in the UK, so I flew my family to the UK and France.”


Lee Sung Kyung was born in 1990. In 2014, She starred in her first drama It’s Okay, That’s Love. She became the first actress and model under YG Entertainment and YGKPlus. Some famous works of Lee Sung Kyung include Cheese In The Trap, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Dr. Romantic 2, Doctors…

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