Despite falling hard on stage, the Kpop “goddess” Chaeyeon still smiles bright like nothing happens

The professionalism of Chaeyeon when she encountered an incident has been praised by fans.

On July 11th, DIA joined in an event called 29 Seconds Film Festival. While the MBK girl group was performing the song named “Will You Go Out With Me”, because of the slippery floor, the most popular member of the group – Chaeyeon – unfortunately fell on stage, leading to her lower body parts strongly hit the ground. Facing the unexpected incident, Chaeyeon looked quite confused but immediately, she smiled and calmed herself to continue the performance.

DIA, Chaeyong

This accident has worried many fans, most of the comments below the video express the fans’ care and support towards Chaeyeon. Moreover, the female idol has also received many compliments for her professionalism, as she tried her best to finish the performance despite the pain.

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