Despite being pushed by SM, this boy group was not able to conquer the public with music

As the artist of a big company and have a huge fandom, NCT127‘s new song still completely failed on the digital music charts.

It’s possible to say that NCT is one of the biggest projects from SM Entertainment. The group has members from many different countries and is divided into several units. But it seems that NCT is not as successful as SM expects the group to be.

Yesterday (22/11), NCT 127 made its official comeback with the song “Simon Says“. The SM boys did not have much time to rest after the promotion of “Regular” ended.

However, just like before, this song did not receive much public attention. “Simon Says” quickly lost popularity on the digital music charts and failed to reach the top 10. Meanwhile, the top 10 of the chart is still quite stable with the song won the hearts of the public in the past. In terms of visuals, SM remained loyal to the familiar music genre and didn’t change anything.

NCT 127‘s fandom is very strong but not enough to help the group have strong coverage. What the group needs is probably a real hit to raise the profile of the group. In the public eye, NCT members are still the boys with the “golden spoon” and have not proven true capacity.

Source: Tinnhac

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