Despite being famous for its stage, MAMA 2018 has stage looking like at the fair

Mnet is always loved by fans for its preparing stage for artists, but MAMA 2018 is an exception.

Yesterday, the first part of MAMA 2018 took place in Korea. Whenever holding MAMA, Mnet has caused a lot of controversy.

If being Kpop fans, everyone knows that Mnet is the owner of a very dedicated and elaborate staging team. Therefore, Mnet‘s stage always makes the audience satisfied. This is proved by the M! Countdown stage every week, Mnet‘s design team takes care of every aspect of the thumbnail image.

Mnet is the master of stage design

However, MAMA’s stage design yesterday was a big disappointment to fans who believe in Mnet’s stage design quality. Through the number of audiences, MAMA 2018 in Korea was arranged in quite a small space. Many fans wanted to purchase tickets but fail due to the venue’s lack of space.

MAMA’s disappointed stages yesterday were compared to a country fair’s stage

Besides, stage designs were too simple and trivial. Many K-Pop fans think that this stage design is worse than that of MAMA 2017 in Vietnam. Camera angles from above had exposed the simple stage design of Mnet for MAMA 2018 in Korea.

However, many defend that this is just an opening for MAMA 2018 so Mnet doesn’t have to invest too much. They will focus more on stages in Japan and Hong Kong.

Source: tinnhac

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