“Descendants of the Sun” actress gets criticized for inconsistent attitude after ex-husband went to prison

“Descendants of the Sun” actress Park Hwan Hee is now facing disapproval from audiences after showing the photos of her son on Instagram.

On September 9th, Park Hwan Hee shocked the Asian audiences by showing off her 7-year-old son, but she has received sharp criticism from Koreans for her inconsistent attitude. In 2011, Park Hwan Hee allegedly married rapper Vasco of the hit show “Show me the money” but then divorced after 15 months. They had a son named Shin Seop and Vasco surprisingly got custody of the young boy.

However, since getting famous from “Descendants of the Sun” Park Hwan Hee has never shared any pictures. So a lot of fans thought she was still single. At that time, her ex-husband Vasco – was sympathized by the general public as a single father, while Park Hwan Hee remained silent. Up until now, when Vasco has been prosecuted for using marijuana, the actress decided to upload the photos of her child on social networks. Netizens was puzzled by Park Hwan Hee’s move. The actress has shown her son’s face to the public while most celebrities hide their children’s identity to protect their privacy.

Netizens have guessed that Park Hwan Hee may have won the custody of her son after her ex-husband committed a crime. However, they don’t approve of the attitude of Park Hwan Hee.

Earlier when she was doing a livestream on Instagram, Park Hwan Hee was called out on by his ex-husband Vasco: “I was too good for this b*tch”, “My son doesn’t need a mother like that.” He also brought his son and his story into the famous rap in “Show me the money”, which has moved a lot of people. So the fans also suspect that Park Hwan Hee has a problem of her own, that is why she could not win custody before.

1. [+447, -5] She didn’t “bravely” confess anything… everyone already knew this..

2. [+344, -8] The son was raised by the father when he was a baby and now she has custody of him.. People always accused her of acting like she never got married when she wouldn’t share baby pictures on her Instagram but that’s really all up to her. I wouldn’t necessarily call this a brave confession since everyone already knew she had a kid.

3. [+169, -7] The father originally had custody since their debut. Seems like she has custody now.. and she’s revealing him right away??

4. [+38, -1] I think she has him now because the father got caught smoking marijuana

5. [+37, -3] She tried to hide him at first… She would delete any comment that mentioned Vasco when she was on ‘Descendants of the Sun’. Vasco also gained a lot of sympathy votes for acting like the poor single dad raising a son without a mom. She acted like she was never married this whole time and now she’s acting brave?.. ㅋㅋ

6. [+31, -1] I remember Vasco said on an Instalive that he was “too good for that b*tch” and that his “son didn’t need a mother like that”… Most mothers are granted custody but for Vasco to have gotten custody at first must mean she did something bad during the divorce… But then again, Vasco’s also in jail now for doing drugs when he has a son himself so I guess you have to hear both sides to every story ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+21, -2] I think she has him now because the father got caught doing drugs. I don’t know why she’s being criticized for not raising him after the divorce??

Sources: k14, netizenbuzz

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