Defeating IVE and BLACKPINK, the one who took first place for May Brand Reputation Female Artist is…

The brand reputation ranks for female Kpop idols was recently released. 

BLACKPINK landed in 2nd place.
While IVE came in 3rd. 

The Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation announced the ‘May Female Artist Brand Reputation Ranking’ on May 21st.  The ranking is based on the analysis of big data on various female Korean artists, compiled from the 21st of last month to the 21st of this month. According to this list, IU was first in terms of brand reputation in May, followed by BLACKPINK and IVE in second and third places, respectively. 


In another brand reputation list that combined both male and female artists, the rankings are 4th for IU, 5th for BLACKPINK, 7th for IVE, 8th for Red Velvet, and 10th for Oh My Girl. The top male artists, meanwhile, are Im Young Woong, BTS, PSY, Lee Chan Won, and SEVENTEEN at 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, and 9th, respectively. 

From the newly-released ranking, the top 3 female artists are IU, BLACKPINK, and IVE, followed by Red Velvet, Oh My Girl, Song Ga In, aespa, and TWICE in order of rankings. 

K-pop female idols
Graph of big data analysis of Kpop idols’ brand reputation in May
K-pop female idols
Full rankings for both male and female artists.

Source: Wikitree

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