Decoding Jisoo’s “Flower” MV: A love story intertwined with cinematic details, references to 3 BLACKPINK members?

With the release of Jisoo’s solo album, 4 members of BLACKPINK have finally completed their “solo debut” streaks, 5 years since Jennie’s “SOLO”. With the single album “ME” and the title MV “Flower” released on March 31st, Jisoo has become the most talked-about name nowadays, breaking numerous records after just one day.

Jisoo – “Flower” MV

Being the last piece of BLACKPINK’s individual promotions, the investment level for Jisoo’s solo project is undoubtedly huge. The “Flower” MV was filmed overseas with various classic and luxurious settings and stylings. In addition, “Flower” not only showcases Jisoo’s gorgeous beauty, but also contains many meticulous messages reflecting the female idol’s deep thoughts.


Feminine traits imbued in the lyrics and imageries; a radiant love full of regret

Among the four BLACKPINK members, Jisoo, who is known for her standard Korean beauty, as well as gentle and lovely personality, is definitely most suited for a feminine style. From the first images revealing her solo debut, Jisoo fully embraced the words of “elegant” and “beautiful”. It’s therefore not surprising that she chose “Flower” as the title track, and Jisoo herself admits that “Flower” best reflects her personality and the various aspects of her soul – gentle yet fierce.

Jisoo aims for a feminine and elegant image in her first solo release

Choosing flowers as the main symbol, Jisoo not only expresses her captivating femininity through the song, but also through various dreamy footage. Jisoo’s series of styling showcases a classic and royal beauty, flaunting her stunning visuals in elaborate, detailed outfits and accessories. At the same time, the MV’s setting leans towards a classy retro spirit, with the choreography mimicking blooming flowers, subtly proving that Jisoo has reached her prime. It can be said that at 28, Jisoo is more beautiful, captivating, and successful than ever.


The lyrics of “Flower” revolve around a sweet, soaring love story, which ends in a regretful separation when lovers couldn’t hold onto each other. With an addictive dance mixed with an appealing hook, Jisoo’s feminine side is meticulously described in every note. Jisoo sings about her love, which is gentle yet fierce like a red flame that can burn. However, in the end, all that remains are fragrant blossoms.

Iconic cinematic details

Having established herself in the fields of music and fashion, Jisoo also affirmed herself in the acting world with a leading role in the K-drama “Snowdrop”. As a result, Jisoo did not forget to incorporate classic cinematic details into her “Flower” MV. In particular, avid movie fans can easily recognize the scene where Jisoo looks into the jewelry store window, inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s iconic scene in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. The pearl necklace is associated with this iconic role, and Jisoo uses this classic accessory in her most viral styling on social media platforms.

The scene where Jisoo gazes into a jewelry store
…is inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s classic movie scene

One of Jisoo’s shining moments showcasing her acting skills is when she rips off a pearl necklace. This scene reminds many fans of the image of England’s Princess Diana due to Jisoo’s elegant appearance. In the film “Spencer”, Kristen Stewart’s portrayal of Diana also includes a scene where the Princess rips off a string of pearls around her neck, chewing them furiously with a resentful yet determined look, creating a memorable moment in Kristen’s career. This similarity is likely intentional, as Jisoo is known to be a movie lover.

Jisoo ripped apart a her pearl necklace
…which is reminiscent of Kristen Stewart’s famous scene when she played Princess Diana in “Spencer”

References to fellow BLACKPINK members 

As the last member to promote solo, Jisoo fulfills a lot of fans’ wishes. As a tradition of YG, “milestone releases” of artists always bring a nostalgic feeling. From the teaser of “Flower”, BLINKs quickly noticed strong resemblances to Jennie’s “SOLO” MV and Rosé’s “On The Ground” MV. The official MV shows Jisoo’s meticulousness in including the vibes of the 3 remaining BLACKPINK members in the frames.

Jisoo’s MV reminds fans of Jennie’s “SOLO” MV

The concept, camera angles, and backgrounds of the two MVs
… all have similarities

The most similar to “Flower” is Jennie’s SOLO. From the colors to the scenes, “Flower” reminds fans of Jennie’s debut MV. Besides, the scenes in front of the mirror and the room setting at the beginning of “Flower” are reminiscent of the settings in Rosé’s “On The Ground”. At the same time, fans “discovered” Lisa in the scene where Jisoo walks through a hotel lobby, with her stride and aura resembling the youngest member in LALISA.

Jisoo’s dressing room in “Flower”
Seems to be inspired by Rosé’s “On The Ground”?

Jisoo walks with an impressive aura

like the Lisa in “LALISA”

Interestingly, when combining the first letters of the 4 members’ solo title tracks (Jennie – SOLO; Rosé – On The Ground; Lisa – LALISA; Jisoo – “Flower”), the letters spell FLOS – which means “flower” in Latin and is also the origin of the English word “flower”. This subtlety demonstrates that even with members promoting solo, BLACKPINK is still an inseparable whole.

Source: k14

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