Debuted at the same time with EXO but having only one hit, Boyfriend disbands after 8 years

Another Kpop boy group said goodbye to the industry after going through a long period of struggling with their career.

Recently, Starship Entertainment officially announced that Boyfriend’s contract term has ended, which means that the group has disbanded after 8 years of operation. Besides the announcement, the company also sent sincere thanks to Boyfriend for the efforts of the group as well as the love and support of the fans during the past 8 years.

Boyfriend officially disbanded after 8 years

Boyfriend is an extremely unlucky group of Kpop when they debuted with a hit titled “Boyfriend”. “Boyfriend” is a song with an extremely catchy and lovely melody. The members had a chance to prove their talents through this song and therefore received much attention at the time of their debut. Continued to draw interest with “JANUS”, “I’ll Be There” or “Don’t Touch My Girl” but the group could not maintain their reputation and quickly became flopped.

Having the impressive song “Boyfriend” but the group could not maintain their success

In 2018, some of the members participated in the survival show “The Unit” and released the last song named “Sunflower” to thank their fans. Once considered EXO’s rival at the time of their debut but now Boyfriend has officially disbanded in regret.

“Boyfriend” – the debut song and also Boyfriend’s most successful hit

Sources: k14

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