Debut at this time, what advantages will TREASURE 13 have?

The most crowded group in YG history is receiving much attention from the media as well as the expectation from the public.

Hope seems to have returned to YG as BLACKPINK has done their mission so well and now, the expectation is on the shoulder of TREASURE 13 who are waiting for their chance to shine with all these advantages.

The media’s new perspective

Looking YG for the past time, fans understand that this agency need a something new to make the audience forget about their problems in the past. Seungri’s incident needs to be put behind and they should prepare for the new steps ahead.

BLACKPINK’s way to America is the first brick for this new breeze, and now the responsbility should be passed down to TREASURE 13, a representative for YG’s change in this music industry where one needs to satisfy too many conditions to be able to succeed.

black pink
Thanks to BLACKPINK, this new phone sure will sell like hotcakes.

Comparing to their seniors WINNER and iKON, the fact that TREASURE 13 is gonna debut in the near future will bring back many positive attention from the media. This will also be the chance for YG to prove their skill in training boy groups.

YG’s detailed investment

CEO Yang Hyun Suk must have figured out all the experience from WINNER and iKON – groups who have enough potential to do better but encoutered many hardships during promotion.

This is why, to a 13-member group like TREASURE 13, YG need to focus on nothing else but building a strong fandom base like how SM has done for EXO.

TREASURE 13 is the most crowded group in YG history.

Crucial things like concepts, lightstick, fan goods are a must during promotion time. Also, with many Japanese members, YG doesn’t even care to hide their plan of attacking this market with hope that they will have a second BIG BANG in Japan.

With these plans, YG must have prepare in full force for TREASURE’s upcoming debut to prove their place in the BIG 3.

An easy competition

YG’s plan for TREASURE 13 is obviously not for competing with BTS, EXO or GOT7, but to head for the future battle in a few more years where Stray Kids (JYP), TXT (Big Hit),…have become the next representative of K-Pop 4th generation.

Will JYP turn Stray Kids into a 2nd GOT7?

‘Til this time, none of the 4 generation group have left a deep impression in the public’s mind. While Stray Kids are still quite small in Korea, TXT still has to bear the enormous influence from their seniors BTS.

In such a battle where investment and will is the key, YG obviously have the higher stand. While JYP is too focusing on girl groups, Big Hit is still enjoying BTS’s result, YG is totally ready with TREASURE 13 as their ace (when BIG BANG’s future is still foggy and WINNER – iKON still aren’t big enough).

Such an successful year still couldn’t turn iKON into the ace of YG.

This is why TREASURE 13 will have many chances to grow if they debut at this time when there is still an easy battle, the public recognition is still neutral and unbiased.


TREASURE 12’s debut is still a big question mark, however, with such appealing advantages, YG must be planning the most perfect debut for the 13 boys.

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