DBSK fans accused Taeyong (NCT) of ruining 15th-anniversary album of DBSK

Taeyong brought NCT’s name into DBSK’s anniversary album made the Cass community angry.

Recently, the core member of NCT, Taeyong, reportedly featured in DBSK‘s Yunho‘s solo song “City Lights“. This song is included in the group’s 15th-anniversary album.

Controversy broke out when Taeyong wrote the rap “NCT will never give up” and brought it into the song. And yet, he constantly hinted at NCT, such as rapping the Japanese way of counting of 1,2,7 (NCT 127), “The 7th Sense” (NCT U‘s song), etc.

This made DBSK‘s fans extremely angry, most fans thought that it was unacceptable to bring words that were not related to DBSK into their anniversary album. Especially when it has a lot of meaning for Cass. DBSK‘s fan community does not want to listen to another group’s name so casually in the group’s song. A series of comments criticizing Taeyong have appeared on social networks:

-For the first time, there was someone who brought the name of their own group to the 15th anniversary album of another group. I already gave up with him.

-The funny thing is that his fan said: “Looking at Lee Taeyong‘s face, how can you bash him? Hahahaha. I was cursing straight at his face.

-Nugu must know how to flatter, getting famous depends on luck, flattering too much is condemned, hoping that someone will understand.

-Don’t ask anymore, it’s Lee Sooman‘s stepchild.

-Hasn’t NCT debuted for several years? Why haven’t them become popular? Fans of seniors are too miserable, cursing but still have to spend money to buy albums.

-The whole company couldn’t pull him up.

-In NCT, he was pushed, now he needs a pusher too. Write your own words without using your brain?

-Use TVXQ money to earn it then you should remember to use it well Taeyong.

What do you think about Taeyong‘s actions?

Source: Tinnhac

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