Dara (2NE1) revealed that she had to film the kiss scene with Lee Minho 50 times

On a tvN show broadcasted on Feb 18th, Dara along with Kim Sook and Kim Young Chul went on a trip back to Manila, Philippines where she has grown up. On the car, Kim Sook suddenly asked her about the kiss scene in the MV “Kiss” released in 2010.


“That’s why my first and only solo track. I had had a kiss scene with Lee Minho. We had to done that scene over 50 times. At that time, I was still a rookie. I didn’t know how to act and there was so many people around us. But at last, I could finally feel the kiss with Lee Minho”, she shared.

Dara also revealed that the kiss between her and Lee Minho at the end of the MV was to revenge.

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