“I didn’t even know how to say ‘hello’ in Korean back then”, Daniel Henney thanked Hyun Bin and Kim Seon-a, who worked with him in “My Lovely Sam Soon” 

Actor Daniel Henney recalled the memories of his debut drama “My Lovely Sam Soon” and expressed his gratitude to Hyun Bin and Kim Seon-ah.

Daniel Henney’s daily life was revealed through the broadcast of MBC’s program “The Manager” on September 17th. The actor reportedly spent some time getting to know the panelists before the recording at the studio of “The Manager”.

Daniel Henney pointed out Lee Young-ja among the panelists as the person he had a clear memory of, saying “I met her at a movie press conference seven years ago”.

In fact, what made Daniel Henney nervous was “The Manager” but the interviews with reporters. The actor confessed, “I found it hard talking to the reporters. I feel very nervous about that”. Referring to Daniel Henney, his manager Martin said, “He has an interpreter”.

Daniel Henney said, “I don’t need an interpreter. All I need is you. I’m comfortable with you, All I need is to have you by my side”, expressing his absolute trust in Martin.

Daniel Henney and Martin have known each other for as long as 17 years. Taking this opportunity, Martin recalled the past and shared, “Do you remember your first line in ‘My Lovely Sam Soon’? You couldn’t say the line at that time and it took nearly an hour to do it.”

Daniel Henney said, “Back then, I didn’t even know how to say ‘Hello’ in Korean”, adding “I only appeared in theater plays before that so it was my first time standing in front of the camera. I kept repeating ‘You can do it. It’s gonna be okay’ inside my head but I was so scared after doing the action scenes so I went to the car and took a rest. I then drank some beers before going back to the set.”

“My Lovely Sam Soon” is Daniel Henney’s debut series. Daniel Henney, who started his acting career in Korea with the huge success of this drama, smiled and said, “I always feel thankful to Hyun Bin and Kim Seon-ah”.

Regarding reuniting with Hyun Bin after 17 years in the movie “Confidential Assignment 2: International”, the actor said, “Hyun Bin is very nice to me. He still treats me warmly like that. Working with Hyun Bin is always fun and interesting”, expressing his satisfaction.

Meanwhile, Daniel Henney did volunteer with the staff from his agency on the same day. It is known that he often does it with Sean, a representative ‘donation angel’ in the entertainment industry.

On that day, Daniel Henney sweated hard while harvesting cherry tomatoes with other actors, including Noh Sang-hyun, who starred in “Pachinko”. In addition, he did not forget to help replace facilities and deliver his donation goods. In response, Lee Young-jae complimented Daniel Henney for his good deeds that spread good influence.

Source: dispatch

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