Dancer Aiki (Street Woman Fighter) opened up about her married life, “I got married after my first blind date.”

Aiki confessed that thanks to her strong family, she got the power to walk on the path of being a dancer.

Aiki (real name Kang Hye In, 33 years old), a world-renowned Korean dancer and a “young mother”, has recently created a street dance craze. In a recent interview, she put aside her trendy image and confessed about her ordinary family life in celebration of the Chuseok holiday.

Dancer Aiki

The dancer shared that she met her husband for the first time on a blind date when she was 24 then they got married shortly after that date. She said it was thanks to the great support from her husband and her husband’s family that she could be able to pursue her one-way life with dancing. She shared, “I’ve been working hard, but my husband and the husband’s family are supportive, and they helped me a lot in taking care of my child. I received great strength when they told me to do my best in whatever I can do now.”

Dancer Aik

Aiki, born in 1989, is already a 32-year-old housewife for 8 years. She revealed the love story of her first blind date with her husband at the age of 24, “When I worked as a yoga instructor, I met my husband on a blind date. My husband graduated from an engineering school, and at that time, I thought he wouldn’t get along with me. However, it turned out that he knows how to enjoy street activities. He never missed a day during his 12 years of working but decided to take days off and went on a vacation to celebrate my college graduation. We only have one daughter, but he is the best father and the best husband.”

In addition, Aiki also revealed her standards in forming a dance crew. When asked who is really good at dancing among the KPOP singers, Aiki pointed out that Chung Ha and Taemin are really great dancers.

Lastly, she delivered her wish for everyone to enjoy a happy Chuseok holiday and always be healthy.

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