Dahyun appeared today with her new emerald hair color

TWICE’s Dahyun showed her fans a high-quality transformation.

TWICE has come to Gimpo Airport on the morning of the 8th for a Japanese broadcast shooting. They were so excited to meet their fans.

One of the members was especially eye-catching. It was Dahyun. Her hair color was very different.

Dahyun had her hair tied up in a bun. A subtle blue-and-emerald color drew attention.

Fans are guessing this might be for their new concept. Every time TWICE make a comeback, Dahyun always shows fans a variety of hairstyles, including the two-tone and the purple color.

The netizens who saw this commented, “I’m looking forward to this comeback,” “Because her skin is fair, this color suits her perfectly“, “It’s so cute,” and “I want to see it in reality once“.

Meanwhile, TWICE has impressively topped the Oricon daily album charts with their album “#Twice 2” in Japan on March 6th.

Source: Dispatch

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