“Cutest Korean actresses in their 20s” according to Japanese netizens: IU was surpassed by 2 names, Jisoo also made the list?

A poll for “Cutest Korean actresses in their 20s” was conducted in Japan and recently announced the results.

On May 30th, CM Site, a Japanese Internet service provider, announced their rankings for “Top 20 Cutest Korean Actresses in Their 20s“. The result was based on a survey conducted online by CM site, which covered 4,657 men and women of ages 10-60, hosted from May 14th. 

IU cosmopolitan

According to the poll, actress Kim Yoojung (240 votes) topped the list of “Cutest Korean Actresses in Their 20s”. Following Kim Yoojung is Jin Seyeon (233 votes) and IU (228 votes) who ranked second and third, respectively.

Kim Yoojung

It is also noticeable that the gap between Kim Yoojung and Jin Seyeon is only 7 votes, showing an extremely close battle between the two actresses. 

jin seo yeon

BLACKPINK member Jisoo also entered the list in 9th place, despite having starred in only one K-drama, “Snowdrop”.


As various Korean works have been released in Japan, including TV shows and dramas on the streaming platform Netflix, Japanese netizens’ interest in Korean actors also skyrocketed. The growing popularity of Netflix in Japan also added to this natural rise. 

The full rankings of “Top 20 Cutest Korean Actresses in Their 20s”, conducted in Japan, is as follows:

1st place: Kim Yoojung (240 votes)

2nd place: Jin Seyeon (233 votes)

3rd place: IU (228 votes)

4th place: Nam Jihyun (222 votes)

5th place: Gong Seungyeon (212 votes)

6th place: Kim Sohyun (197 votes)

7th place: Kim Dami (195 votes)

8th place:, Kim Sejeong (178 votes)

9th place: BLACKPINK Jisoo (173 votes)

10th place: Han Sohee (168 votes)

11th place: Moon Gayoung (167 votes)

12th place: Krystal Jung (166 votes)

13th place: Kim Jiwon (165 votes) – tied

13th place: Bae Suzy (165 table) – tied

15th place: Cho Yihyun (164 votes)

16th place: Hyeri (163 votes)

17th place: Lee Yoomi (162 votes)

18th place:: Jung Hoyeon (158 votes)

19th place: Cho Hyejoo (151 votes)

20th place: Kim Seoyeon (150 votes)

Source: wikitree

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