Currently at the peak of their career but Jungkook already worried about the day BTS is no longer famous

 In the first episode of BTS’s new documentary called “Break The Silence”, the members shared wise words when recalling memories. 

The boys revealed why the group considered disbanding in 2018 but then continued their journey together.

By the end of the episode, Jungkook became quiet when he listened to the old songs from the debut time of BTS.  The male idol shared:

“Later, when I am not as famous as I am now, and turn into an old man…I wonder who’ll still be around when I am an old man…but I’d really like to have a conversation with ARMY, and ask…”How were we back then?” “Were we amazing back then?

“I’m sure there are some who come to see our concerts again and again, and people who come for the first time. Regardless, they would have seen or heard us before coming. I think we need to break through that. When artists have to put on a concert, I think it should be done in new and fun ways that prevent the audience from getting bored.”

“Ever since our debut until now, I think I’ve been quietly and gradually improving, very slowly. By experiencing a lot of things, I think I’ve naturally gotten better. But from here on out, I want to try a little harder to improve further and faster.

RM and Jhope then encouraged Jungkook.  Jhope said, “Jungkook ah, isn’t everything okay when you have finished today’s concert very well? You did a good job!”

RM said: Is there even a time when Jungkookie doesn’t do well?  Who makes our boy sad?

Jungkook debuted with BTS when he was 15 years old.  When the group reached the peak of glory, he was only in his early 20s and still had a long way to go, similar to Seohyun (SNSD).  It is not surprising that he feels worried and in distressed thinking about the future.  However, ARMYs will definitely support Jungkook on this journey no matter where he is and what he does.

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