Cumulative album sales of all new generation female groups: one girl group has not been even 50 days after their debut!

Guess where your favorite group is located on this chart?

Are you tired of the number from the album sales and do not know where your favorite group is on the chart? Don’t worry because a recent percentage-based statistic has shown a panoramic picture of album sales for new generation female groups. The data is composed of Gaon and Oricon, which covers all music products of each girl group.

fromis_9: 0.45%

FOUR: 0.49%

CLC: 0.5%

Bolbbalgan4: 0.57%

APRIL: 0.57%

LABOUM: 0.57%

Dreamcatcher: 0.61%

PRISTIN: 0.83%


Meki Meki: 0.98%

DIA: 1.04%

gugudan: 1.11%

EXID: 1.22%

Oh My Girl: 1.75%

Cosmic Girls (WJSN): 1.81%

Lovelyz: 3.04%

MAMAMOO: 3.21%

I.O.I: 3.21%

Black Pink: 3,78%

AOA: 4.77%

GFriend: 5.79%

Red Velvet: 10.22%

TWICE: 49.33%

Nearly 300 remaining groups: 3.3%

Some interesting information can be drawn after tracking the next generation of girl group sales:

1 / LOOΠΔ is the youngest female group on the list, debuting on August 20, 2018 – that is, their debut has not been 50 days. Nevertheless, the group accounted for 0.49% of the total sales of the new generation girl groups.

If you still think the percentage <1% is not impressive, then compare the performance of LOONA with (G)I-DLE, another rookie who debuted in 2018 ((G)I-DLE did not appear in the list above). LOOΠΔ had just released a debut album but they could reach top 10 girl groups to sell the most albums in 2018, and also appeared on the chart of the most album sales from new generation girl groups, which shows the potential of the group is extremely large, and they are worth to follow in the future.

2 / Everyone has long considered Gugudan the most “failed” group that have the members of I.O.I. This is not exactly accurate when the group’s album sales (even cumulative) are still higher than DIA, Weki Meki, PRISTIN …

3 / Black Pink entered top five most selling new generation girl groups is something that a few years ago nobody could think of. With only 3 music products (1 Korean, 2 Japanese), 4 YG girls have proven “Black Pink is the Revolution” is not just a statement “for fun”!

Idols are getting more and more saturated, there’s no longer a real ‘concept queen’?

4 / Besides Black Pink, KPOP fans should also have a more neutral view of Red Velvet. The SM group is still doing well, including digital music and album sales. 10.22% is the most convincing evidence for those who are skeptical about the success of the five-member girl group.

“Summer-end queens” Red Velvet is coming back with a mini album called “Summer Magic” that will include 7 tracks including their title song “Power Up”.

5 / 49.33% is such an impressive number. This proves that no girl groups can pass TWICE’s ability in selling albums.

It’s possible to say that TWICE today has become the number one icon of the new generation of female idols, even surpassing countless male colleagues of the time. Let’s see what TWICE will add to the wonders in the coming years.

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