Cube’s first Japanese rookie drew attention for looking like Yuna (ITZY), is Hina more prominent than the representative from aespa?

On June 10, CUBE girl group – LIGHTSUM just had an impressive debut with the song Vanilla.  LIGHTSUM quickly received attention because of the participation of member Chowon, a popular contestant from Mnet’s survival show Produce 48. However, the Japanese member of the group, Nagai Hina, who takes on the role of the group’s sub-vocal, also suddenly received praise from the online community for her pretty and lovely appearance.  She also drew attention for her similar vibe to many other female idols.

With her sweet, youthful beauty, Hina quickly became the topic of discussion among Korean netizens.  In addition to complimenting comments, Hina’s beauty also reminds many people of names such as Yuna – the popular maknae of ITZY, former IZ*ONE member Nako, StayC Sumin, 2 members of LOONA: Yves and Chuu.

Some comments from Knets:

1. [+90][-1] She resembles STAYC Sumin

 2. [+46][-1] She looks like Loona Yves ╋ STAYC Sumin

 3. [+23][-4] Hina is pretty

4. [+20][-2] Her nationality is a shame

 5. [+14][-0] She’s got the feel of a ‘Live Today Morning’ reporter (T/N: an MBC morning news show)

 6. [+13][-0] She looks like Loona Chuu and Yves mixed together. On the left is Yves, on the right is Chuu

7. [+13][-1] Hina ㅠㅠ  Cube, push her as a visual center right now

8. [+9][-1] She’s seriously like Nako,

Besides, Hina’s appearance also delighted fans when she was the first Japanese idol of CUBE Entertainment.  This will certainly pose an interesting comparison between Hina (LIGHTSUM) and Giselle – the Japanese member of the “dinosaur rookie” aespa.


However, if viewed objectively, it is clear that the two girls bring two different vibes.  With Hina, she brings a very typical “Japanese girl” feeling: lovely, innocent, pure.  Meanwhile, Giselle brings a strong girl-crush image, luxurious aura, more Korean-like.

It can be said that the debut of LIGHTSUM will make the 4th generation girl group race more interesting, especially in terms of visuals because the members seem to be all beautiful.

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