CUBE suffered the consequences after kicking Hyuna and E’Dawn out: crushed official website, and dropping stocks

Shortly after the news, CUBE received serious consequences.

On the morning of September 13th, CUBE officially announced the withdrawal of Hyuna and E’Dawn (PENTAGON) from the company for lack of trust in the two artists. As soon as this information was released, CUBE’s share price dropped sharply and quickly (down to 5.05%). Besides, a lot of fans are talking about not being able to access CUBE’s official website. Netizen suspected that the site had been crushed after CUBE kicked Hyuna out of the company.

It can be said that CUBE’s decision of removing Hyuna out of the company is pretty risky. At present, she is considered as the main artist, the “golden egg” of CUBE. Apparently, the losses that CUBE suffered haven’t showed any signs of stopping.

CUBE’s official website had crashed.
CUBE’s official website had crashed.

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