CUBE makes a statement after (G)-IDLE Soojin was accused of school bullying

On February 20, one netizen, called A, spoke up via an SNS community and accused (G)I-DLE’s Soojin of bullying her younger sibling in middle school.

A posted the topic online, “It’s time to reveal the truth about (G) I-DLE Soojin bullying classmates”.

A wrote “everyone in the world must know” and that “sorry to the rest of the group, but I can’t ignore the pain my sibling has to suffer.”

After seeing this comment, (G)I-DLE fans demanded detailed disclosure on the situation. A responded, “The school violence related to Soojin is not misleading and I am the witness and the evidence. My anger won’t wash away when I think about the people that don’t know what Soojin did during school”. 

“She would call my sibling and my sibling’s friend to the bathroom and make them slap each other and would send group texts saying that my sibling is a loner/outcast. Her image on TV is disgusting. My sibling has a hard time daily whenever they hear a (G)I-DLE song. I will post a more detailed explanation on an online community board. Since everything I am saying is true, I am not scared if they sue me.” — wrote A. 

A also posted on the Instagram story a photo of who is believed to be the sibling who was the victim of Soojin. According to their claims, Soojin usually stole other people’s school uniforms and stole their money. They also claimed that she went around with older guys who rode motorcycles while drinking and smoking.

This is not the first time Soojin has been accused of bullying others.  Earlier, another netizen previously posted a photo of Soojin’s middle school yearbook album photo and revealed, “Soojin smelled of cigarettes every day and would go around with older guys and drink alcohol. She would say she was dizzy from drinking and her attitude and behavior in disregarding people was a big shock to me.” This person also said that Soojin often swore at her friends, would not return items after borrowing.  After that, this post was deleted.

Regarding Soojin’s bullying accusations, CUBE Entertainment has stated, “We are aware of the controversy and currently checking the facts.”

Comments of Knets:

1. No, it’s funny, why are they making a statement while they’re checking the facts?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ The agency is weird.

2. If it’s true, acknowledge it and ask forgiveness

3. Well, I feel bad for Cube employees who have to work on the weekend

4. Well, looking at the comments, she has a lot of fans.

5. They posted a statement, but they couldn’t say no

6. Please keep neutral and wait, if it’s true then she leaves the group, if it’s a rumor, the company will sue them

7. The truth is being investigated, we shouldn’t say anything

8. I hope it’s just a rumor…

9. Wow, if even Soojin was a school bully, I really can’t believe the image of celebrities, she has an image that looks nice and friendly

10. If it’s true, she should apologize to the victim and leave the group

Sources: knetizen

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