Cube Ent releases profile photos and film for 8 LIGHTSUM members!

LIGHTSUM, a new Cube girl group, unveiled its profile images

On the 23rd at 0:00, LIGHTSUM released their group photos and profile film of the members through the official SNS and YouTube channel.

In the released photos, all 8 members were wearing pure white costumes in the white background and showing their different charms. LIGHTSUM looked like white fairies standing together. They boasted pure and lovely visuals which raised the expectation from fans.

In the released profile film, the 8 girls showed their two different charms including a sporty appearance and a pure one. This has raised the curiosity about the group.

LIGHTSUM is a girl group from Cube Entertainment. They are raising expectations for their official debut by releasing logo videos and profiles of the members one by one on official SNS and YouTube channels.

The Cube rookie group’s name is a compound word of LIGHT and SUM. The meaning of the name is  “All the small shining things gather to light up the world”.  It promised a message of hope and positive energy from the group.

Source: Naver

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