Critic Kim Young-dae Deletes Review of NewJeans’ Japan Fan Meeting After Receiving Hate Comments from BTS’s Fandom

Critic Kim Young-dae wrote a review of NewJeans' Japan fan meeting, but deleted after receiving hate comments from some of BTS's fans

Critic Kim Young-dae wrote, “Min Hee-jin is experimenting and completing the ultimate point that K-pop has long aspired to reach through NewJeans. It’s a universal and transcendent modernity shared in everyone’s minds and emotions, devoid of time, space or context. It can be nothing yet everything at the same time, possessing absolute compatibility. What’s remarkable is that this is achieved not through technology or systems but from an aesthetic perspective, and in a way that is easy for everyone to understand.

The theqoo post regarding this became a hot topic with over 45,000 views as of the afternoon of July 1st. Below are some comments from Korean netizens.

– Why did another fandom leave hate comments on a review of NewJeans’ fan meeting?

– That fandom again…

– BTS’s fandom is basically crazy.

– Why are they acting like this? It’s a critic’s personal impression.

– There’s nothing wrong in the review. It’s well-written. What’s the problem?

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