“Crazy Horse” Yoo Ah-in’s crazy acting: hitting his head as if he was possessed 

It is definitely a highlight of “Crazy Horse” Yoo Ah-in’s acting career.

Talking about the most daring and crazy Korean actors, no one can skip Yoo Ah-in’s name. He even calls himself “Crazy Horse” due to his rebellious characteristics. His daring side is shown, not only in his daily life but also during filming where he got himself immersed in the character to such an extent that people think he is possessed. Looking back at a behind-the-scene footage of Yoo Ah-in 6 years ago for the movie “The Throne”, the audience is amazed once again by his insanely incredible acting.

Yoo Ah-in
Yoo Ah-in’s acting in “The Throne”

Specifically, in the scene where Yoo Ah In‘s character, Crown Prince Sado, hit his head on the ground in front of King Yeongjo (Song Kang Ho), the actor got so immersed in the role that his head was covered with real blood. Yoo Ah In’s painful footage in the film is “legit”, without using any make-up or stunt doubles. Specifically, while filming the scene, Yoo Ah In accidentally struck his head on the rock and started bleeding significantly. However, instead of stopping, he continued to act, which proved his insane dedication. 

Talking about this dangerous scene of Yoo Ah In, his co-star – Cha Soon Bae emphasized, “Yoo Ah In is an acting genius. When I watched that scene, I thought he was such a terrifying kid”.

Yoo Ah-in
Yoo Ah In’s real blood in the challenging scene
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