Controversy sparks over BTS fans flooding James Corden’s Instagram with negative comments, even on a condolence post

James Corden is currently being “attacked” by many BTS fans on all social media platforms.

Recently, the whole world has been mourning the death of famous designer Tom Ford’s husband – Richard Buckley, ending an admirable 35-year relationship. Many Hollywood celebrities have sent their condolences to Tom Ford and expressed their sorrow over the passing of Richard Buckley. Famous male host James Corden is one of them.

However, below James Corden‘s post with a picture of Richard Buckley, a large number of BTS fans take over the comment section to protest against the male host. What is going on?

James Corden BTS
The comment section of James Corden’s post commemorating Tom Ford’s late spouse is filled with angry comments from BTS fans.

Specifically, a few days ago, James Corden was under fire for his opening statement on The Late Late Show With James Corden. Accordingly, many BTS fans believe that the famous male MC was “mocking” BTS and their fandom ARMY regarding the boy group’s recent appearance at the United Nations General Assembly.

BTS fans think that James Corden was “throwing shade at” the Kpop boy group and assuming that their appearance at the UN General Assembly was only because they have a large fan base, making world leaders “wary” rather than because of their positive influence and contribution.

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Besides, many BTS fans feel offended after being called “15-year-old girls” by James Corden. ARMYs are also mad because James Corden invited BTS to his show not long ago, but now he is mocking the group on television.

The hashtag #JamesCorden rose to the top of Twitter trending as BTS fans simultaneously called on the male MC to apologize to the group. BTS fans, predictably, ‘bombarded’ James Corden‘s social media accounts with critical comments. However, many people defended James Corden, claiming that it was all a joke with no bad intentions, and that it was also the popular male MC’s style.

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It’s not hard to see that the latest post in commemoration of Richard Buckley on James Corden‘s Instagram is flooded with negative comments. 

Some relatively “civilized” comments can be mentioned: “Actually I’m 20 and you should understand that 15-year-old ARMYs are the best fans in the world. No kidding. Be careful with your mouth”, “Yes, sorry for you. BTS doesn’t need a human being like you”, ”I’m truly disappointed because of you. Hate you!”, “Seriously, James? I expect more from you!”, etc

In addition to the rather obscene words, BTS fans also used icons to express negative emotions aimed directly at James Corden.  The fact that a part of BTS fans “attacked” James Corden after the joke on the TV show had already sparked controversy, so netizens felt it was unacceptable that a part of fanatical fans left negative comments under a post commemorating a deceased person.

James Corden BTS
James Corden

In the face of a wave of rage from some BTS fans, other fans urged them to keep calm and not show disrespect under the post commemorating a deceased person. Fans also pointed out that negative comments under dignified posts like this only serve to make outsiders misinterpret the ARMY community.

Some comments include: “Sorry about the loss of your friend”, “Everyone stop!”, “ARMY! Please stop complaining about the BTS thing in this post, it’s about someone’s death. Let’s not be disrespectful, I know we are all hurt by what happened but here is not the place to make all these comments, let’s be respectful pleaseeeee”, “ARMYs pls stop commenting on this post. It’s about someone dying. Pls be respectful and comment on another one of his posts!!! Leave this one be”,etc

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