Controversy over Seungri’s footage in Vietnam showing him using ‘Happy Balloon’ which could cause hallucination

BIG BANg’s Seungri is now embroiled in a happy balloon controversy. Happy Balloon is a balloon containing nitrous oxide, a hallucinating substance.

The JoongAng Ilbo reported the controversy on its own on the morning of the 27th. The Vietnamese media reported the footage of Seungri seemed to be inhaling Happy Balloon in Vietnam in 2017.

According to reports, Seungri visited Hanoi, Vietnam for business at that time. He is said to have spent the late night at a bar with the locals. Asides from DJ-ing, he also seemed to have drunk alcohol and inhaled a happy balloon.

YG Entertainment immediately announced its position on the controversy. “We have checked with Seungri. There was no happy balloon involved at that moment, the photos were blurred.

Vietnam’s local reports are a clear misinformation. Seungri is feeling that he was wronged. It doesn’t make any sense to inhale a happy balloon in an open place.

Nevertheless, the debate is not cooling down. This is being fueled by recent allegations of sexual favors which involved Seungri.

According to SBS fun E’s public statement, Seungri is suspected to be involved in a chatroom in 2015 with acquaintances where he said, “Women? Choose the good ones,” and talked about sending an escort service to the table. Regarding this, Seungri has said that the message was fabricated.

Netizens have been negatively reacting to this, saying, “Do you call it a fake if you are at the disadvantage?“, “Happy balloon is a dangerous drug,” and “You are blaming that this one is also fake news?“.

Sources: dispatch

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