Controversy about Sunggyu (INFINITE) being excluded from a show because he had COVID-19

This incident created a controversy between Sunggyu’s management company and KBS.

The Covid-19 epidemic in Korea is still causing many difficulties for the people, as well as the Kpop entertainment industry. Many artists have positive results for this disease, including Sunggyu of the boy group INFINITE.

On July 23, Mydaily reported that Sunggyu’s management company Double H TNE (INFINITE) and KBS are having trouble reaching an agreement on Sunggyu’s appearance on the show Immobility.

Controversy about Sunggyu (INFINITE) being excluded from a show because he had COVID-19

It all started in June, when Covid-19 test’s report of the male singer was positive. Sunggyu’s agency said that he will try to comply with all the quarantine regulations by working closely with the authorities.

This means that the male singer has to suspend all activities to ensure isolation and treatment, including recording for KBS’s program Immobility.

According to Star News, the management company Double H TNE said that after the recording for the first episode of Immobility, the male singer could not continue to record in the next episodes because of Covid-19.

“After his recovery, we contacted the production team about when Sunggyu could return to filming and they said that both could not continue working. We have  discussed it with the production team to open a press conference about this and they didn’t not agree on it,” Double H TNE said.

A representative of KBS responded to the information from Sunggyu’s management company, “We have not informed Sunggyu of his departure from the show. The production team is discussing it with his agency.”

At present there is no specific information between KBS and Sunggyu’s agency . However, it would not be fair to discriminate against artists with Covid-19.

Source: Tinnhac

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