Controversial statement of Knets: The concept of Kpop girl groups is getting more and more boring nowadays?

There is even an opinion that all girl groups today are gradually turning into versions of BLACKPINK.

Over the years, we have witnessed the birth of many girl groups from many different entertainment companies from small to large.  Some groups have built a solid foothold in the industry, others have disappeared forever on the Kpop map and left many regrets in the hearts of the audience.

However, despite the continued appearance of young girl groups in recent years, a portion of Korean netizens appears to remain unsatisfied. The reason for this is that some people believe today’s girl group concepts are becoming increasingly similar and boring. This exchange of views reveals that the first half of the third generation idol is, in fact, a period of considerable diversity in terms of genres and notions, with each group becoming famous in their own way.

Some concepts of girl groups in the first half of the 3rd generation:
Vibrant and bright
Funny, full of energy
Cool and unique
Pure and dreamy
Feminine and mysterious
Fresh, cute, and cheerful
Party girls

Kpop of about 4-5 years ago is believed to have a lot of various genres and concepts going on at the same time, and each genre has its own set of characteristics that make it famous. Of course, there is still a disparity in popularity across groups, but there is no disputing that it was a thriving market with a diverse range of options for the audience.

On the other hand, others believe that in recent years, practically all girl groups have adopted the same style: “contempt” expressions + “koong koong koong” beat + strong choreography. Of course, there are certainly some excellent songs that have sprung from such a concept, but many listeners are disappointed because they all sound the same.

However, not everyone agrees with the preceding statement; on the contrary, Korean netizens have stated that the style and music genre that girl groups today pursue is becoming increasingly diverse. Many people give specific evidence that if you look at the girl groups that are on the charts today like Oh My Girl, TWICE, STAYC, aespa,…, it’s clear that their concepts and music genres are completely different.

Debuted at the same time, but aespa and STAYC have very different concepts and styles.

Some comments from Knetizens:

  • “I don’t care much for female idols but just looking at the Melon chart, you can see that the music genres girl groups are pursuing are very diverse…”
  • “It seems like all girl groups are slowly becoming BLACKPINK… Girlcrush concept, pretty and kind girl image…”
  • “Oh My Girl, aespa, TWICE, STAYC,… If you look at the female idols that are on the charts right now, it’s clear that they all have different concepts and genres”
  • “Seems like you don’t know if there are any popular female idol songs lately ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ These days, the first songs that come to mind are “ASAP”, “Dun Dun Dance”, “Alcohol-Free” and “Next Level.” Except for Next Level, all the other songs are in a bright style.”
  • Huh?  First of all, the last 2 songs of BLACKPINK are “Lovesick Girls” and “Ice Cream”?
  • “I would agree if this was about male idols’ concepts, but female idols’ concepts have always been very diverse”

Source: tinnhac

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