Congratulation, Lee Mi-joo! Her fans will be very surprised by this news from her

Entertainer Lee Mi-joo announced a piece of good news.

Lee Mi-joo finally achieves her dream, and this dream is expected to become a reality by this summer. It has been reported that Lee Mi-joo, a former member of idol group Lovelyz, will debut as a solo singer this summer. She has expressed her desire to debut as a solo singer several times after moving to her current agency, Antenna.

lee mijoo

JTBC exclusively reported the news on May 25th based on its confirmation with several music industry insiders.

In a related development, JTBC said, “Mi-joo is preparing for a solo album which will be released from late July to early August. To find a song that fits well with the hot summer, we are receiving songs from various composers.”

lee mi joo

“Antenna CEO Yoo Hee-yeol is also working hard to make this album for Mi-joo. He is thinking about a song that suits Mi-joo’s unique mood, which is different from when she was in Lovelyz, it added.

Netizens are also reacting positively to the news that Lee Mi-joo will debut as a solo singer. They commented on an article on theqoo, saying, “I’m excited,” “Woolim didn’t do it for her, and now Antenna is doing it,” “Oh, Mi-joo is good at singing,” “Finally, I’m excited,” “Fresh cute sexy summer song, let’s go!” “I think she has chosen a good agency”.

Source: Wikitree

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