Communicating through “Squid Game”, the story of Netflix and Twitter

While Netflix’s “Squid Game” is currently a hit all around the world, the word “gganbu” in the series is also at the center of attention.

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp went down due to some connection problems on Oct 5th. In response, Netflix used a scene from “Squid Game” to deliver a message saying, “There is still Twitter (even if Facebook and others are down).”

It was the scene where Ali (Anupam Tripathi) one-handedly hold the main character Sung Ki-hoon (Lee Jung-jae) who was about to collapse during the “Green Light Red Light” game.

Netflix marked Ali as “Twitter” and Sung Ki-hoon as “Everyone.”

Twitter also commented on Netflix’s parody. The account posted a scene of dalgona in the “Squid Game” and added “us” for dalgona and “everyone” for Sung Ki-hoon.

Netflix replied to Twitter’s comments again.

Netflix drew attention by tweeting that Twitter and them are each other’s “gganbu”. Twitter once again showed off the friendship by posting the “Squid Game” marble scene.

“Gganbu” is a word that Oh Il-nam uses when he suggests the main character Sung Ki-hoon (played by Lee Jung-jae) to form a side with him to play the marble game in the drama and is interpreted as a word meaning a team or comrade.

Netizens responded that it was cute to see the “friendly communication” between Netflix and Twitter featuring the “Squid Game” scene.

“These official accounts are funny”, “The GIF selection LOL”, “Date each other please”, “Can’t believe that gganbu is an international word now”...

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