Comestics brand apologizes for registering the trademark “BORAHAE” created by BTS

The company that registered the trademark ‘Borahae’ created by BTS V also claimed that they have canceled the application.

On May 31st, L Mosa, a nail brand that applied for the trademark of the word “Borahae” symbolically used by BTS, announced that it has decided to give up its trademark application for “Borahae” that was filed in September 2020.

“We deeply apologize for causing concern to fans who love BTS due to the ‘Borahae’ trademark application. We will inform them that we have decided to give up the ‘Borahae’ trademark application.”

The brand stated on the website

The brand previously filed a trademark patent application for the phrase “Borahae” in September 2020. Immediately after the incident surfaced on May 28, ARMYs criticized this brand and asked them to cancel the application. 

Accordingly, fans said:. “We have confirmed that the unique word “Borahae” used by ARMYs around the world is being registered as a trademark.  It is a word that symbolizes BTS and has an influence all over the world. I would appreciate it if you cancel the registration of the trademark right.”

In addition, a number of fans have taken a group action by submitting a complaint to the Korean Intellectual Property Office for the suspension of the trademark application for “Borahae”.

BTS V first used the phrase ‘Borahae’ in 2016. “As the last color of the rainbow is purple, it means to trust and love each other until the end”.  After that, it began to become popular with ARMYs around the world.  When BTS delivered a speech at the UN General Assembly in 2018, UNICEF President Henrietta Pore cited it, saying, “We here at UNICEF purple you!”, and it became a hot topic.

Source: Nate

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