Code Kunst explains his emotionless reaction when watching IVE’s stage at the 2022 MBC Entertainment Awards

Singer-composer Code Kunst personally explained why didn’t react to IVE’s performance at a recent awards ceremony.

On December 30th, Code Kunst posted a photo on his Instagram Story with the caption, “My past appearance when spacing out and not hearing my name coming out even with these two big ears is so pathetic.”

MBC Entertainment Awards

The released picture shows the celebration stage performed by IVE at the 2022 MBC Entertainment Awards held on December 29th. IVE drew keen attention as they changed the lyrics of their hit song “After LIKE” to include the names of entertainers who attended the event.

Code Kunst ive

In particular, IVE member Leeseo sang “What’s important is that I’m totally into Code Kunst”. However, Code Kunst appeared on the screen with an expressionless face. It turns out that he didn’t even realize that his name was mentioned.

Code Kunst ive

In response, netizens commented, “He missed his name, that’s why his face was like that”, “I watched the live broadcast and also couldn’t hear the names well”, “He’s still cute though”, “Code Kunst’s reaction is so funny”, etc.

Code Kunst

Meanwhile, Code Kunst received Rookie Award in the Variety Category (Male) at the 2022 MBC Entertainment Awards. 

Source: wikitree

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