Clip: TWICE Tzuyu’s embarrassing moment when she missed a dance

Although she forgot jut one word, the action and expressions of Tzuyu (TWICE) accidentally denounced all.

Recently, TWICE has performed the new song “YES or YES” on Show! Music Core. As usual, the JYP artists still treated fans to their fresh, young and beautiful images. However, the interesting thing about this stage is that netizens discovered the youngest member, Tzuyu, made a small mistake when performing.

Tzuyu‘s line was supposed to be “Now It’s all up to you” but she just sang “It’s all up to you”. Because of missing a word, Tzuyu‘s hand gestures did not match the music. Of course, this moment could not escape the eyes of the fans. Even, Tzuyu‘s embarrassing expression, on the other hand, mades the ONCE community (the name of TWICE‘s fandom) “crazy” because it’s so cute.

Her singing wrongly …
… made Tzuyu’s hand gestures deviate from the music

And then it was her embarrassing smile
Tzuyu turned to ​​”confess” to Sana
Tzuyu made a mistake on the stage “YES or YES” (note at 2:50)

Instead of blaming, netizens were more interested in Tzuyu’s mistakes:

– “Tzuyu, I’ve seen it all haha!”

“Tzuyu … It is OK.”

– “How cute!”

– “On seeing them perform live, tzuyu’s mistake was so easy to realize.”

– “Every time I watch this clip I notice that she is singing wrongly.”

– “There are mistakes that are so lovely. Look at her expression”.

Source: Kenh14

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