CL revealed that Justin Bieber was once featured in 2NE1’s hit I Am The Best

CL has just made a surprising revelation: Justin Bieber and 2NE1 once recorded 1 version of I Am The Best together.

Have you ever thought about the combination of Justin Bieber and 2NE1?  For many people, this is probably unthinkable, because the two styles of music are so different.  Justin Bieber is famous as a “pop prince” and 2NE1 is one of the girl groups representing the girlcrush style and the R&B, dance-pop genre of Kpop. But, anything can happen.

2ne1 justin bieber

In the past, the “pop prince” had a collaboration with YG’s first girl group.  And of course, this combination has never been officially released.

Recently, CL (former leader of 2NE1) had a shocking revelation, she said that Justin Bieber once featured in another version of 2NE1’s 2011 super hit – I Am The Best.  She also leaked Justin’s verse right on her live stream.

Immediately after this information was revealed by the group’s leader, many 2NE1 fans were surprised and expressed their regret since YG did not release this version of I Am The Best. The collaboration with USUK stars was still unusual in Korea at the time. With the popularity of Justin Bieber and 2NE1 at the time, this collaboration had to have blown up in the media.

Besides, many people believe that YG’s decision to not release the remix was a wise one because Justin Bieber’s voice is unsuitable for I Am The Best.

Anyway, it’s still a pity that the collaboration between Justin Bieber and 2NE1 was not released, right?


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