2NE1 CL opened up about her younger sister: “She’s a bad girl!”

Information about CL’s younger sister attracts netizens’ attention!

In SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’ broadcast on the 26th, a scene in which CL appeared as a special guest got on the air. On this day, Seo Jang-hoon asked the former 2NE1 member, “It is said that you is currently living with your younger sister. Is your younger sister afraid of you?”

CL shared, “She looks good but is actually a bad girl.” CL went on, “Sometimes people think I’m an older sister that’s why I feel so. A woman in jeans and a white t-shirt is the scariest woman. She’s four years younger than me.” Then, a photo of CL and her sister was released, and CL confessed, “We look alike with makeup.”


Shin Dong-yup then asked, “You two must have fought a lot when you were young.” In response, CL said, “My younger sister studied abroad since she was young, and I also debuted early so we can’t be together. Now, I think we are very close. If we had spent a lot of time together when we were young, we might have fought, but since we’ve grown up, I think our relationship is great.”


Source: nate

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