CL→Kang Seohun→Goo Junhoe ‘, YG’s continuous ‘SNS scandals’. Why?

YG Entertainment artists are getting caught up in “SNS scandals” one after another. This is getting more attention because it is something rare for other big music agencies.

On 25th, iKON’s Goo Jun Hoe posted his handwritten apology letter on Instagram. “You gave me advices because you were worried about me, but I didn’t carefully understand the situation. I mistakenly thought of it as a conversation with a close friend and took it lightly, and I belatedly felt ashamed. I’m so sorry.”

Previously he had an open argue with fans on SNS over his relationship with Japanese famous film director and actor, Takashi Kitano. On the 24th, Junhoe posted a picture with Japanese caption: “Thank you Takashi Kitano san. Please come to iKON’s concert”. Some fans mentioned Takashi Kitano’s controversial anti-Korea past.

In response to fans’ request to delete his post, Junhoe responded with comments such as “Don’t tell me to do this or that~~ No.” “Whenever something happens, do I have to chicken out and delete everything?” As public opinions got worse, he lowered his head and apologized the next day.

This is not the first time YG artists have become the cause of controversy on SNS. In July, YG’s CEO, Yang Hyunseok posted an article about SechsKies’ Eun Jiwon: “ Eun Jiwon’s daily image. I’ve always liked people who are the same inside and out. Gotta record soon, though…” 2NE1 solo artist’s CL commented “Sajangnim, what about me? #pleaseanswermytext“, which stirred up a controversy. After that, she uploaded a picture of a cat with a hat saying “Captain” and spread the controversy by leaving a comment that could be interpreted as “Just do it,” “Do what you want,” and “So funny.

Since 2NE1’s farewell album “Annyeong” last January, CL has not had many activities in Korea. Although she performed at the closing ceremony of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in February, her weight gain once again became the center of gossips recently.

Sechs Kies’ Kang Sunghoon is also surrounded by various SNS controversies. While broadcasting a live video at a hotel room on Instagram (taking video with his smartphone camera and broadcasting it on Instagram), he accidentally also filmed a girl who was assumed to be his girlfriend. In another live broadcast, people argued over his character when he showed a belittling attitude seeing a fruit truck passing by “This is Cheongdam-dong”. In addition, Kang is not allowed to perform with Sechs Kies in their concert, which will be held between October 13rd and 14th, due to various problems such as embezzlement of profits from fan clubs.

YG, which has been oriented toward American culture since its early days, is free from the internal culture,” a K-pop insider said. Unlike other big companies that limit the use of individual SNS and only focus on artists’ personality and ability, YG has a tendency to respect their free privacy. ” From Yang Hyunseok to others, they enjoy SNS activities and actively use them in promotion”. “The fact that YG encourages artists’ creative motivation through a free atmosphere is also a part of YG’s ‘weaknesses’ and ‘disadvantages’”, he explained.

However, “considering that the unexpected behavior of individual artists can have a serious negative impact on their groups and companies, at least, it is necessary to ask for advice or consult from the company. YG faces too many risks in this area compared to other big companies.” said the official.

Sources: Nate News

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