CL becomes the new ambassador of the famous 200-year-old brand

CL becomes the new ambassador of the famous 200-year-old brand

CL – The leader of the 2NE1 surprised and excited the public when she re-appeared in a new role as an ambassador of a famous global brand with a history of more than 200 years.

The first generation of 9X must not forget 2NE1 – one of the most outstanding K-Pop Gen 2 groups because of the uniqueness in both visual and music style. Once-hits like Fire, I Don’t Care, I’m The Best… not only has the first place in every music chart of Korean music market but also became a part of the memories of many young people at that time.

2NE1’s success does not come from the pure and sweet style – which creates the charm of the Korean wave (Hallyu), but with pure music and a different style that only them can perfomr it.

Contributing to 2NE1’s distinctive character is the leader CL. Right from the first days of her debut with 2NE1, CL has always left a strong impression with her rebellious image. Not choosing sexy feminine outfits, CL appeared impressive with bold eyeliner, constantly changing hair color and wearing outfits that’s didn’t follow the normal girl group concept. She dismissed all negative judgments about herself, refused having plastic surgery and remained steadfast on her way to attract the audience with her own music and personality.

2NE1’s female leader has a strong impression on music lovers

Always dreamed of becoming a rapper since childhood, CL gradually turned that dream into reality when joining YG, becoming a part of 2NE1. However, the talent of the girl born in 1991 did not stop there. She surprised the audience many times when performing deep ballads or catchy reggae with her special husky voice, sometimes showing off her artistic composition with Crush, Baby I Miss You…

The bravery of the leading girl group leader not only comes from her visual but also is created from the inner confidence and the spirit of not being afraid of challenge and constantly renewing themselves. After 2NE1 disbanded, with all the enthusiasm of youth and burning passion for music, CL continued to develop her art in her own direction.

CL’s positive energy, not afraid to challenge to break through, has many similarities with the spirit of “Never stop moving forward” that the “old man with a cane” brand has pursued since its inception. That is also the reason she was chosen to be the global ambassador of this brand.

CL continues to spread the spirit of “Never stop moving forward” in her new role

From a small Scottish grocer to a globally renowned beverage brand, it is the spirit of Keep Walking that has led the brand through many ups and downs to its current success. And the image of Striding Man associated with the brand is also recognized as one of the world’s famous icons.

The collaboration between the famous 200-year-old brand and the “K-Pop’s Rihanna” promises to bring many new surprises to fans in the future, as well as create a new and explosive image for the classic brand.

“Hopefully by creating new paths, breaking down cultural barriers and challenging stereotypes, I can inspire everyone to no longer be bound by their own background or their surrounding situation,” CL shared in her new role.

Source: K14