Chungha sparks more plastic surgery rumors over her changed face in recent appearance

Korean netizens continue to comment on Chungha’s change in appearance and wonder if she had more work done on her face. 

Chungha is one of the most famous Kpop solo singers today. Recently, she is preparing to make a comeback with the single “Killing Me”, which is set to be released on November 29. Besides teasing the new song with images and video, Chungha also went on TV shows to promote Killing Me.

On November 26, the female idol made an appearance in the latest episode of jTBC’s show Grandpa Park Myung Soo. In the show, Chungha talked with Park Myungsoo about her upcoming song and revealed that part of its dance was choreographed by LACHICA.

Chungha plastic surgery
Chungha appeared on Grandpa Park Myung Soo on November 26 

Aside from the information about Chungha’s comeback, Korean netizens paid attention to her face. Many netizens are surprised by Chungha’s changed face, claiming that she looks stiff, bony and unnatural. 

Chungha plastic surgery
Chungha’s strange face confused netizens 

Some netizens also explain that this difference is due to Chungha’s weight loss, not because she underwent plastic surgery. In her latest concept photos or MV teaser, the female idol’s appearance still looks the same as before. However, this is not the first time Chungha has been under suspicion of having work done on her face. She has repeatedly been entangled in rumors of getting lip injections to make her lips look fuller. 

Some comments from Korean netizens:

  • I think she lost a lot of weight, so her cheekbones look higher and her face is noticeably thinner.
  • It looks like Chungha got more botox
  • I’m not sure if she had more work done, but her lips don’t look natural at all.
  • Is her skin sagging? 
  • She lost some fat in her cheeks.
  • I like Chungha’s old face more.
Chungha plastic surgery
Chungha is about to make a comeback on November 29
Chungha plastic surgery
In the teaser video, the female idol’s face looks normal
Killing Me – Chungha MV Teaser 
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