Choi Sooyoung discussed SNSD’s first activity in 5 years, “my memory was glorified for a week”

SNSD member Choi Sooyoung shared her impressions of the group’s comeback after 5 years.

On the September 3rd broadcast of MBC program “Omniscients Interfering View” (also known as “The Manager”), idol-actress Choi Soo Young appeared as a special guest.

Here, cast member Kwon Yul asked Sooyoung, who made her comeback with SNSD (Girls’ Generation) for the first time after 5 years: “I come from the same agency as Sooyoung, but have only met her as an actress. Now, to celebrate SNSD’s 15th anniversary, she has made a comeback. Isn’t it hard to work on music?”

Hearing this, Choi Sooyoung answered: “It’s been a really long time since I released an album and promoted after five years.I’ve forgotten a lot in five years.My memory has been glorified.”

While at a music show, I said, ‘It is so nice to be noisy in the waiting room’, but it lasted about a week,” she continued, drawing laughter.

Sooyoung also added that even though she is currently working as an actress, she does it with the energy she receives when she works as a group.

“Obviously, the energy we get from being together is great,” the idol-actress said, expressing her love for her team.

Source: nate

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