Choa reveals why her face appears to be different

Choa (former AOA member) provided specific reasons and responded to inquiries concerning her unusual looks.

Choa made an appearance as a special DJ on the June 8th edition of SBS Power FM’s ‘Cultwo Show‘. The former AOA member has a youthful look and a pleasant charm. She appeared younger after a long hiatus. She also gave off a positive energy to the audience and studio crew.


Kim Tae Gyun, a fellow radio DJ, was overjoyed to meet her after such a long period. “It’s like something new occurred to your appearance, yet I feel a mature beauty radiating from you,” he complimented her, in addition to greeting her with strong energy.

Obviously, Choa has become a lot more beautiful.  Even without the heavy makeup like when she was an idol, Choa still looks radiant and outstanding. Fans are familiar with the image of Choa with short platinum blonde hair on stage.  So, perhaps this new look of hers surprised many people, including DJ Kim Tae Guyn. 

Choa hesitantly said, “My hair was colored a darker color. In addition, I used to put on a lot of makeup for my theatrical appearances in the past. However, I now like a more natural makeup style, which explains why I may appear to be slightly different.”

“That seems to be why reports about your actress vibe have been going around,” Kim Tae Gyun continued, expressing his surprise at her enhanced beauty.

Source: AK

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