ChoA revealed why she left AOA and halted all of her showbiz activities 3 years ago

ChoA recently appeared on a show and revealed why she decided to leave AOA.

On September 24, AOA’s former member, ChoA, joined Channel A’s “Dr. Oh Eun Young’s Golden Counseling Center” and revealed her concerns.


ChoA began by telling the story of how she was moved by Jeong Hyung Don. During the time when Jeong Hyung Don didn’t have any activities, he contacted ChoA, who was having depression, bought her a meal, and consulted her.


In addition, ChoA has just returned to activities after a long hiatus, so she seemed to be careful with every word she said. While Dr. Oh Eun Young continued with her intensive counseling section, ChoA confessed her feelings.


Regarding the reason why ChoA suddenly suspended all her activities 3 years ago when she in the glory days of her career, she said, “I felt tired even looking at myself, and I just wanted to run away”. ChoA continued to confess her worries, “If a person can’t sleep and feel depressed, isn’t that when she would think of everything in a bad way? At some point, I didn’t even want to look at myself appearing on the monitor. I wished I could have done better, but things didn’t work, and I hated that kind of feeling so much.”


Then she burst into tears while sharing, “I used to think that I should be born again so that I could do everything as well as I wanted. These thoughts just popped out in my head, saying, ‘I want to run away. This path is not for me.’”

Source: Nate

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