ChoA is invited to a Chinese restaurant in order to marry a comedian’s son.

ChoA received an invitation to ChoA a Chinese restaurant for her wedding to a comedian’s son.

On the July 14th episode of ‘Korean Foreigners”, ChoA was asked if they considered a career in the entertainment industry. She replied,“I considered the possibility of looking for a new job while I was resting. Even if I stay in the entertainment field, it’s so volatile that I was thinking about opening my own cafe. However, the cost of setting up the space was prohibitive.

As a result, comedian Kim Hak Rae Suggestions“Let’s test a Chinese restaurant.”and ChoA and ChoA contacted the owner of the restaurant for advice, stating,“I wanted to ask you. I would like to know some tricks and techniques.”

The comedian added,“No need to do that. My son is thirty years old. old. You can have a whole Chinese restaurant!ChoA replied, “What do you think about Kim Hak Rae?“He’s extremely attractive.”

Sources: allkpop

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