Cho Seon-hee told a touching story about BTS after receiving a “V’s birthday meal set”: “Let’s live sincerely”

Photographer Cho Sun-hee told a touching story after visiting a small restaurant that BTS frequently visited since their trainee days.

On Dec 30th, professional photographer Cho Sun-hee said on her Instagram, “There is a regular restaurant in my neighborhood that I used to frequent for a long time, and this was truly a place for homemade food of BTS when they were trainees. The restaurant is run by a family of kind-hearted owners who helped them live through their hard days with their rice. Now it’s covered with BTS photos, and fans from all over the world even queue to be able to eat here before the pandemic! Of course, the restaurant is still busy even now, and the taste and their generosity still remain,” she wrote.

“I stopped by to eat lunch today and they asked if I wanted seaweed soup. Of course, I said yes and asked “Whose birthday is it?” They made seaweed soup and japchae, saying that it’s V’s birthday. I think this synergy created by the owner of the restaurant and the idol trainees is really sincere. “#Let’s_live_sincerely #BTS_attraction #Yoojung_Restaurant #Thank_you “Happy_New_Year #Today_is_V’s_Birthday Award #Happy_Birthday.”

Cho Seonhee

Along with this, the photo released shows BTS V‘s birthday meal ser that Cho Sun-hee has received. Seaweed soup, japchae, and cake are placed on a table decorated with V’s photos, cup holders, and dolls, attracting attention. Born on December 30, 1995, BTS V celebrated his 27th birthday today. The BTS members have sent their birthday wishes to V through SNS. 

Ji-min, V’s same-age friend, posted a photo of V stretching with a face showing that he just woke up, saying, “My love. Happy Birthday bro #HappyBirthdayTaeTae” on the official Twitter account of BTS. 

Leader RM also shared a picture of V eating, leaving the same comment as Jimin. SUGA said, “Happy birthday, Taehyung. I’m only sending my heart now because I’m in quarantine. #HappyBirthdayTaehyung #It’s_Suga #Have_a_happy_day.” 

J-Hope shared V’s freshly-debut photo along with a photo of the cool and grown-up V now, captioned with his affectionate wish, “My love Happy birthday bro. #HopeFilm #LittleTaehyung #HappyBirthdayTaehyung #HopeFilm #BigTaehyung #HAPPYVDAY #V_and_ARMY_are_walking_the_flower paths.” 

Jin said, “My bro, Taehyung. I post the picture you asked for. I love you. Happy birthday, bro,” drawing attention by releasing a selfie of V with a beard. 

Cho Seonhee

Fans’ events to celebrate V’s birthday are continuing around the world. V’s Chinese fan club “Baidu V Bar” installed V’s murals on the outer wall of Daegu Daeseong Elementary School, V’s alma mater, and posted advertisements that show V’s music and videos more than 300 times through Instagram and Spotify. The fan page “Bymyside” hosted V’s birthday advertisement through YouTube, Kakao Talk banner, Instagram, radio, and TikTok. 

Meanwhile, V recently released the OST “Christmas Tree” for SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Our Beloved Summer” on Dec 24th.

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