Chinese netizens reacted to WJSN Meiqi’s two-timing controversy

A Chinese member of WJSN, Meiqi (real name Meng Meiqi) has recently been involved in a love triangle scandal.

Chinese netizens reacted to WJSN Meiqi’s two-timing controversy

According to a  report from the Taiwanese media CTITV on October 25th, A, the ex-girlfriend of Chinese music producer Cheng Lingtao, revealed that it was Meiqi who caused the breakup between her and the producer. She also posted the conversation between Chen Lingtao and Meiqi on Weibo as evidence.

According to A, she had dated Chen Lingtao for 4 years. Meanwhile, Meiqi and Chen Lingtao only began their relationship this July, and the two even traveled to Tibet together.

Moreover, A heated up the controversy when she claimed that Meqi contacted Chen Lingtao even though she knew he already had a girlfriend.

In this regard, Meigi‘s agency Yuehua Entertainment said, “She did not know about Chen Lingtao’s private life and did not intervene in the relationship between him and his girlfriend on purpose. We will respond strongly against the spread of false information.”

In addition, Meigi said on SNS, “I didn’t intend to intervene in other people’s feelings, but it caused actual damage. “I apologize to those who were hurt by this, and I apologize to the fans who trusted me,” she apologized.

Upon hearing this, Chinese netizens are showing various reactions, such as “There’s no way she really didn’t know,” “Chinese version of Kwon Min-ah’s affair case,” “I hope she withdraws from WJSN,” and “If Meiqi’s explanation is true, she is a victim.”

Meanwhile, Meiqi debuted as a member of the group WJSN. In 2018, she has participated in the Chinese version of Produce 101 and won as No.1, gaining popularity as a center of the debut lineup.

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