Chinese media reported the reasons why these 7 artists are at risk of being blacklisted in Cbiz: The reason for Tzuyu (TWICE) is surprising!

Let’s take a look at the celebrities that are suspected of being blacklisted in the Chinese entertainment industry.

Wang Quan’an

Wang Quan’an is a talented Sixth Generation Chinese film director. The 53-year-old director used to have a successful career, and a gorgeous wife. However, he was detained for soliciting prostitutes and was arrested while having sexual intercourse with a prostitute.

Chinese artists scandals

Many years after the scandal, Wang Quan’an has kept his private life hidden from the public. Netizens claim that the lack of morality in the past could result in him being blacklisted.

Yu Yan (THE9)

Yu Yan is predicted to be listed among the celebrities who are at risk. Currently, the female idol has been banned from appearing on television due to personality scandals and making obscene comments in the past. Her upcoming career path will be extremely difficult.

Huang Jingyu

Thanks to the web series Addicted (2016), Huang Jingyu had a remarkable entrance into the entertainment industry. However, the actor was caught in a huge scandal that he soon got married and was also accused by his ex-wife of physically abusing her. This scandal has tainted the actor’s career and caused him to be criticized by the public for many years.

Chinese artists scandals

After the downfall of Zhang Zhehan and Huang Jingyu, netizens believe that he will soon be “banned” as well.

Tzuyu (TWICE)

Chow Tzuyu, commonly known by her stage name Tzuyu, is a Taiwanese female idol singer, a member of the Korean girl group Twice launched and managed by JYP Entertainment.

Chinese artists scandals

In this list, Tzuyu is the only artist without a controversy over her personality. However, the female Idol has been involved in trouble related to politics. Tzuyu’s controversy broke out when a Taiwanese politician posted a picture of the female idol holding a Taiwanese flag and praising her for being independent (supporting Taiwan as an independent country, not a Chinese territory). This has caused Chinese netizens to boycott Twice and even other JYP artists.

Although Twice and Tzuyu are not active in the Chinese market, they have a large fan base there. Many netizens believe that Chinese entertainment industry’s officials will wipe off this fanbase in the near future.

Alan Luo

In April 2020, Alan Luo was caught in the biggest scandal of his career. He was accused by his long-time former girlfriend – Grace Chow, of cheating on her and hosting sex parties. This caused Alan Luo to withdraw from the entertainment industry for a long time.

Chinese artists scandals

Recently, Show Lo implied his hope to return to Cbiz. However, this is extremely difficult in the present time.

Ruby Lin

On the morning of August 27, the news of Ruby Lin’s office and company ranked first in the top hot keywords in China. The reason is that her studio has been dissolved.

Chinese artists scandals

The series of unusual moves of Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin quickly sparked lively discussions in the context of Zhao Wei‘s tense scandals. Some Chinese bloggers even revealed that the couple of movie stars are trying to withdraw to Taiwan to develop, to escape the risk of being “sealed” in mainland China.

Recently, however, Ruby Lin said everything was the same, it was all just a coincidence.

MC Qian Feng

Born in 1983, Qian Feng is a veteran MC of the show ‘Born To Shine’ and Hunan TV station. Recently, the male MC was accused of rape.

Chinese artists scandals

It is known that after being criticized by the public, combined with the tightening of the authorities, Qian Feng was terminated by Hunan station. In the future, his career will certainly be hindered.

Of course, these are just hints and predictions from bloggers and netizens and they are not fully verified. Therefore, everything is still in the “inferencing” area of ​​the cyber detectives.

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