Chinese boy group NEX7 accused of copying EXO-CBX

Netizens have discovered the similarities in NEX7’s promotional video with EXO-CBX’s MV.

To find the “Chinese version” of Korean products is no longer a rare story as more and more work of the third largest country in the world are showing signs of copying their colleagues’ knowledge, and this has become a painful problem in the creative world.

Yesterday, the netizens had been boiling with anger over the teaser of Rocket Girls – the female group of Produce 101, as they looked exactly like f(x) and Red Velvet. Today, EXO-CBX has become a victim of plagiarism.

In particular, netizens had discovered that the advertising for the brand Secoo Lite from July of NEX7 – the male group of Yuehua Entertainment, had background set and image significantly similar to EXO-CBX‘s “Blooming Days” MV.


NEX7 is the group consists of Jung Jung and Justin, who participated in the Korean version of Produce 101, Season 2

Above is the MV of EXO‘s unit group, below is NEX7‘s CF.

EXO-CBX’s “Blooming Day”

Of course, this can hardly be attributed to NEX7‘s fault as the boys are not the idea creators or the promotional video directors. Ekip performs this new one who is responsible for the same scene. However, the fact that products from Chinese artists are constantly being accused of imitating, copying the gray matter of Korea also somewhat diminishes their own credibility.

Source: 8kpop

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