“Chinese Appearance Fees 10 Times Higher Than Korea”, Said Korean Actress 

A famous Korean actress mentioned her plastic surgery and compared the appearance fees between China and Korea.

Recently in a YouTube video, actress Hong Soo-ah candidly talked about her appearance fees in China.

In particular, when asked, “Is it true that you received about 10 times higher appearance fees in China than in Korea during your activities there?”, Hong Soo-ah acknowledged, “Yes, I think that’s correct.”

She also drew attention by saying, “The environment is a bit poorer compared to Korea, but as an actor, you sign a contract specifying the number of hours you will film each day. So, once those hours are up, you go home. Even if filming isn’t finished, you still go home.”

Hong Soo-ah shared some behind-the-scenes details, saying, “But if there are remaining scenes and we have to finish shooting at a location, they come and ask for a favor, ‘Can you shoot a bit more here?’ Usually, we flexibly work it out and continue shooting.”

The actress also revealed, “When I first worked on a Chinese project, it was tough. I was filming a horror movie in the middle of winter, and there was no hot water in the room. There was a brief moment when hot water would come out, so I had to quickly wash my hair. There was no heating, so I would sleep with just one heater.”

That day, Hong Soo-ah also openly discussed questions about plastic surgery.

Hong Soo-ah admitted, “I can’t avoid talking about plastic surgery. I’ve become an icon of plastic surgery. But the confident way I talk about it makes me pretty.”

Hong Soo-ah laughed as she said, “Many Koreans miss my old face. When I debuted, I had a unique, lively image without double eyelids, which was quite distinctive. So, a lot of people miss my old face. Chinese people, however, like my current face. They even tell me, ‘Soo-ah, please delete your old photos.'”

Source: Nate

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